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F Group Core Values

F Group Core Values

Here in F Group, we make everything about You. Our success and sustainability is achieved by making the clients our first and foremost priority and striving constantly to exceed their expectations.

Providing consistently superior and innovative products and services, our aim is to create unforgettable moments, whether it is a once in a lifetime occasion or just an unexpected little detail.

For us, every visit and time spent with us is a valuable opportunity to inspire and awe you, making you want to come back to us.

All of these combined values give us the necessary tools to create a compelling F experience where every detail and every moment count. F Group is ultimately the place where you will find everything your heart desires and much more.


Design is essential in creating the specific F-atmosphere, from interior design, dress code to table layout and so much more. Everything is thoughtfully planned out and tested so you are provided with a comfortable and relaxed experience just by seeing the design itself.

The goal is to create a comfortable environment with modern, clean lines and spaces that extend outwards and merge with the outdoor surroundings.

Although all of our facilities essentially have the same, unique design schemes, we added a little something different to each one depending on the concept and experience we provide.

Thoughtful & Generous service

From our unique approach to service to our dining options, we believe in the concept that our guests deserve a personalized gastronomic experience.

Our staff is the foundation of our success and they are at the heart of everything we do. Guided and trained by our very high standards, they will treat the guest like no other and surely they will meet and exceed your expectations.

We take special pride in our top awarded chefs which are highly skilled and renowned in their respected fields.


Quality refers not only to the top-notch service, or great location and unique design of our venues but also to the quality of products we offer. Having been in this business for a long time we know how important it is to listen carefully to our client’s thoughts and needs.

Their feedback has been crucial for us and we are constantly improving our service based on it.

We have maintained a long-lasting relationship with the best suppliers of food and beverage brands in the market, providing consistently superior and innovative products. We also work closely with the local organic producers who supply us with the freshest produce every day.


All our bars and restaurants are situated in specific locations and surroundings so every city you go to, you will know where to look for an F experience.

For example, you’ll find an F-marine next to a marina, or at least somewhere near the water, or you know you won’t find an F-caffe somewhere on the outskirts of the city but as close to the center as possible.

This particular outline makes spending your time with us and enjoying the F-atmosphere worth your while.

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